Front End Developer
based in London, UK

Currently working in Farewill as a Senior Front End Developer, working with React, Typescript, Next.js, GraphQL, Contentful and many more.

Since January 2020, I have been a Senior Front End Developer at Farewill, a dynamic tech startup based in London. My primary focus is on improving the user experience of our customer-facing tools, as well as enhancing the internal tools used by our sales and operations teams.

To achieve this, I utilise a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, including Typescript, Next.js, Styled Components, GraphQL, and multiple third-party APIs. Additionally, I am responsible for the development of our internal Design System, which ensures consistency and efficiency across our entire platform.
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    Working in a tech startup as a senior front end developer.

    2020 - Present

  • 02


    Working in an international agency, starting as a junior engineer and progressing towards a senior role at the end.

    2016 - 2020

  • 03


    Working in a small interactive agency as a designer and developer.

    2014 - 2016


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